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Whiteboard Of the Day

Got a cool one for us today!
Today is a gymnasty workout with rowing thrown in for good measure!

To hit today’s stimulus, shoot to get this one done sub 10:00; this means many of you will have to scale the push-up reps or variation in order to keep moving, and that’s ok!

Focus on full range of motion and a stable midline throughout the push-ups, and push hard on every 100-m row.

The faster you move through these push-ups, the less rowing you’ll do.

Get ready for bonus gymnastics work because after the workout, you’ll get to work through accumulating 30 strict pull-ups or scaled variation.

Metcon Of the Day

For time:
100 push-ups
– Every minute on the minute including 0:00, row 100 m.

Strength Of the Day

30 strict pull-ups
-add weight as desired