Today, you’ll perform squat clean thrusters which are exactly as they sound: 1 rep is a squat clean from the floor directly into a thruster. The bar must then touch the ground to begin the next rep. the “cluster”.

Use a moderately light barbell load to allow for large, unbroken sets.

The runs should take less than 2:30 from the end of one set at the barbell to the beginning of the next. Scale distance if needed.

The first 12 squat clean thrusters should be unbroken. Plan to cycle a lighter loading across a large range of motion and then push the runs. Newer athletes can pace the runs to prioritize sound movement on the squat clean thrusters.

In the warm-up, we’ll practice cycling squat clean thrusters and ensure proper loading.

For time:
12 squat clean thrusters (75/115 lb)
400-m run
9 squat clean thrusters
400-m run
6 squat clean thrusters
400-m run