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Nutrition Challenge
Lets hold an open forum to shop ideas of how to judge this years challenge, I have 3 ideas but want to hear input from the community, so THIS Saturday at 10am lets gather in the lobby and openly discuss pros & cons of each option, and i welcome people to suggest their own ideas, we have a box full of smart members and would absolutely love to hear how you all would judge a nutrition challenge. Remember my goal with CrossFit ATP is shift the fitness paradigm away from qualitative metrics like mirrors and quantitative metrics like scales, but rather use quantitate metrics like how fast we move, how far we can move things, or how heavy we can move things, or qualitative metrics like how great we fell. I want to get this challenge rolling by the 1st of the month! Lets get some six packs!
Saturday WODs
due to attendance I am considering altering the Saturday schedule. I really want to keep offering partner WODs because they are a great way to improve functional athletic skills that are not usually trained in solo WODs (communication is a functional athletic skill, an important one). It is also a great way to build out community, people have a LOT of fun with partner WODs and new friends are forged or strengthened during every Saturday. However attendance has been down and it doesn’t make sense to offer two WODs one with 4-6 people and the other with 1-2 people. I love offering the option of two WODs because I believe the gym is here to be convenient for you the members. Perhaps we offer a 10am Partner WOD, an 11am Gymnastics WOD or 11am Olympic Lifting WOD, and a 12 noon Open Gym. This is something I want to from people on over the next few weeks.
Bring A Friend WOD 
Legion Brewing at 7:30pm
Thoracic Mobitity




Pull Ups
Box Jumps (24/20)(30/24)

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  1. As far as the weekends go, 10 am is too late, by the time I’m done and shower it’s close to noon so I do my own thing. I would be more likely to come to a 8 or 9 am class bc I’m psycho and don’t sleep in.

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