New to Crossfit

At CrossFit ATP we take an approach that is different than what has become common place at many CrossFit gyms. We celebrate the individual, our group classes are groups of individuals. Day one you will sit down with our head coach and he will take the time to learn what is needed to help you succeed. Our coaches will continually sit down with you to help set new goals, as you will be blown away by how fast you achieve them! Our approach of emphasizing the individual and using an evidence based, research backed methodology to fitness is revolutionizing the CrossFit industry.

You will not find walls lined with mirrors, or scales in our gym. We rather direct focus to what the human body is capable of. We encourage our athletes to track how quickly they perform movements, how much weight they move, and how far they can move it. These metrics allow us to track human performance, and are celebrated by our athletes as definitive proof that they are continually improving. We like to cite the scientific method when discussing results derived from fitness programs. According to the scientific method, in order for something to be seen as true it must be: observable, recordable, and repeatable. By tracking the speed, distance, and force moved; every single one of our athletes are able to see demonstrated time and time again that our approach produces TRUE RESULTS that are observable, recordable, and repeatable.