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Whiteboard Of the Day

We have a fun 2-round workout that will have you coming out hot and holding on for dear life through that second round.

Shoot to finish this in 20:00 or less, with the lunges in 1-2 sets, the run in less than 2:15, the wall walks in 3:00 or less, and the rowing in 2:15 or less in both rounds.

Expect the lunges to feel heavier than usual and make the other movements more challenging.

We’ll use the warm-up to dial in scaling options for the workout.

Have fun and empty the tank today!

Metcon Of the Day

2 rounds for time:
100-ft DB/KB walking lunges (53/70 lb)
400-m run
10 wall walks
400/500-m row
– Use two DB/KBs held in a farmers carry.

Accessory Of the Day

For completion:
1:30 side plank hold, left
1:30 side plank hold, right
Complete all of one side before switching to the other.