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Whiteboard Of the Day

This workout was created in honor of Chad Wilkinson, who died by suicide on October 29, 2018. Our goal is to honor Chad’s life and legacy and to raise awareness for suicide prevention.

Chad’s wife, Sara Wilkinson, dedicates her time to raising awareness around suicide prevention and honoring Chad’s life. She says, “Even while serving as a SEAL, Chad took time to scale up to the [Rx’d] version. There is zero shame in starting [scaled], or with Standard weight, or in sharing the steps with a friend.”

Weight vests are the easiest way to load the step-ups; however, you can use rucksacks, or hold plates, KBs, DBs, or sandbags.

Metcon Of the Day

For time with a partner:
1000 rucksack step-ups (35/45 lb) (20 in)
– Both partners work at the same time.