Head Coach Wade

Head Coach Wade

Head Coach


Wade absolutely loves athletics, but spend any amount time with him and it is quickly apparent that he loves being a coach more than anything else. He has literally spent his entire life learning to teach individuals in a group setting, his upbringing in martial arts from the age of 6 was largely centered around how to become a better martial artist through teaching. Wade is a Master of Taekwondo and has spent the last quarter century training in and teaching martial arts.

Wade studied Engineering at the University of Denver. Since, his interest in science and academics has led him to taking up the study Exercise Physiology while also pursuing professional opportunities in Martial Arts in Florida, and is currently wrapping up a degree in Biochemistry at Queens University of Charlotte.

Equal parts academic and athlete, Wade’s background in science and his interest in its practical application to increase human performance has given him the tools to take learning about fitness to an unparalleled level in the world of CrossFit. He sees it as part of his job as a professional coach to stay up to date on all of the latest peer reviewed publications in exercise physiology so that he can give his athletes the very best.

Wade’s desire to learn is driven by his dedication to his athletes and his desire to help each and every person he works with to reach their goals.