Today we have a running and double-under extravaganza with 400-meter runs and an increasing ladder of double-unders.

Complete each 400-meter run in 2:15 or less; scale distance as needed to do so.

Shoot for a pace of 50 double-unders in 1:00. Again, if needed be sure to scale to timed attempts or single-unders to meet the stimulus.

You should all finish 5 rounds of running and jump roping on this one; we’ll find appropriate scaling if needed in the warm-up.

After the workout, we’ll work through some core work before finishing the day.

Weather Of the Day

depending on the temperature and available resources we might get creative with the “run” aspect for today. lets see what happens.

400-m run
25 double-unders
400-m run
50 double-unders
400-m run
75 double-unders
400-m run
100 double-unders
– Add 25 double-unders to each round.
– 100 m of running = 1 rep.

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