We are going to have Friends Giving (Friends, Potluck, Alcohol, and FUN) the weekend before Thanks Giving. We need to decide if people would prefer the evening of Saturday Nov 18th or the evening of Sunday Nov 19th. It will be a ton of fun to eat, drink, hangout with fiends and make new friends! Every time we all hangout new friendships are formed and a good time is had by all, and I like so many of you are thankful for the amazing and truly unique culture we are cultivating at ATP. Everyone always hears about how CrossFit boxes have great communities. But, speaking from extensive experience in the CrossFit world, CF ATP has some something truly unique (ask our members who have done CrossFit at numerous other boxes like Scott, Ian, Josh, Leah, etc..). I want to continue to cultivate this amazing culture that is comprised of amazing individuals and would love to have each and every members no matter how new to come share a CF ATP Friends Giving.

There will be a tally on the whiteboard over the water fountains as to which day you prefer please mark your choice, if both work mark both.








“Tabata Something Else”


Tabata Pull Ups

Tabata Push Ups

Tabata Sit Ups

Tabata Air Squats

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