Todd’s First MU!
So here’s the run down of upcoming events:
1) Open Streets THIS Sunday from 12noon to 5pm.
I will be constructing a giant whiteboard tomorrow to have at our booth, we will try to have everyone that comes by write their fitness goals on our “community fitness goals” board. Plus we will bring 3 rowers to let people see how many Watts they can pull (it’s fun). Sunday WOD will be at 10am so I can get set up there in time. It will be just me from 12-5 Sunday and I would LOVE to have members hang out at our booth and talk to people and just come have fun with our neighborhood community!
2) The 2018 CF ATP Nutrition Challenge
I want to get this underway soon! But I want to sit down with a group of members (nutrition challenge think tank) and come up with a way of judging it. ALL are welcome  to attend this think tank session (next weekend, time TBD). After which we will schedule 2 nutrition seminars, they will be different than last year. We will call these seminars “Beyond Paleo”. Then we will have the 8 week challenge! Time to Increase body composition and increase performance like never before!
3) Next Bring-A-Friend WOD will be in May, date is still TBD, but these have always been so much fun! The Bring-A-Friend WOD will be on a Thursday at 6:30, its a lower skill WOD that can be done by anyone regardless of skill level, it will be fun, and require no previous CrossFit or exercise experience. Afterwards we will trek over to a brewery as a group and have a round of drinks (or two). This time we will bet a better spot than we did at RC when we only had one small table hahaha or forego the table all together.
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8 @ 65%
8 @ 75%
ME @ 80%
MU Hip Drills


Hang Power Cleans (40% clean)
RIng Dips

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