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Today brings a fun double AMRAP workout with built-in rest. Hit each AMRAP as an all-out effort.
Beginners should try to maintain a steady, sustainable pace and aim for 60+ reps, while advanced athletes should row hard and keep breaks short, going for 100+.
Note that each AMRAP should be an all-out sprint because of the built-in rest time. Grind it out!
We’ll work on dialing in sound body position and row mechanics to save energy for the wall-ball shots and med-ball cleans.
After the workout, you’ll get to perform a 400-meter medicine ball carry!


AMRAP 5:00
Row 500 meters
Max wall-ball shots (14/20 lb) (9/10 ft)

– Rest 5:00 –

AMRAP 5:00
Row 500 meters
Max med-ball cleans (14/20 lb)

400-meter partner medicine ball carry
– Trade off as needed.