This workout will develop your burpee box jump-over capacity under fatigue.

With only 3 rounds of 2:00 of work, each round is a full sprint.

Choose a challenging front squat load that still allows for an unbroken first round but may need to be broken into 2 sets for the second and third rounds.

With proper barbell loading, there should always be 1:00 or more to accumulate burpee box jump-overs. If maintaining at a pace of 1 rep every :12 seconds is a challenge, reduce box height or scale to step-overs.

Push hard on the burpee box jump-over reps; remember to jump high and clear your toes before landing on the box. Your legs will fatigue, so stay focused while moving fast!

Back Squat

3 x 2:00 rounds:
12 front squats (105/155 lb)
Max burpee box jump-overs
Rest 2:00
– Step down from the box.