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Whiteboard Of the Day

This is an older Open workout that provides a significant challenge for new and seasoned athletes alike.

Complete each movement in 1:00 or less to achieve an average of 6+ rounds.

Scale as needed to finish the first round in 2:00-2:30 to put “time in the bank” for an inevitable decline in pace.

Grip fatigue is likely to stack up between the toes-to-bars and pressing, so prioritize maintaining a secure grip for the toes-to-bar reps.

In the warm-up, we’ll build up to 10 push presses at workout weight and complete 6 unbroken toes-to-bar reps (or chosen scaled variation) to ensure the proper stimulus for the workout.

Metcon Of the Day

15 box jumps (20/24 in)
12 push presses (75/115 lb)
9 toes-to-bars
– Step down from the box.