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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is an experience, CrossFit is a cultural movement, CrossFit Is a way of life, and CrossFit offers a workout like no other because it gets results.

A CrossFit workout is performed in a group setting and can involve anything from running & rowing, weight lifting, body weight movements, to exercises that are designed to target the nervous system. The workout changes everyday so there is no growing bored, or plateauing. The workouts are a great social opportunity too, we encourage our athletes to engage with one another during the workouts and experience our amazing community and the strength that is associated with it.

Because of the style of training, the social opportunities, and the impact it has on how our athletes see fitness we say that CrossFit is an experience, a cultural movement, & a way of life. Simply put, is all these things because CrossFit changes lives!



Making the decision to invest your time and energy into improving your athletic abilities and increasing your overall quality of life is one of the smartest decisions a person will ever make.



The goal at CrossFit ATP is have every one of our members to leave each workout knowing that they are stronger when they leave the gym then they were an hour ago when they walked in.



CrossFit ATP aims to be the least intimidating CrossFit gym you will find. Our staff and members are friendly, welcoming, and encouraging. We love to laugh, smile, and joke around while we workout. We like to enjoy our time here, and we all look forward to returning tomorrow.

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Why CrossFit Works

Our Head Coach liked to say that CrossFit works simply by “CREATING IMPERATIVE, AND DRIVING ADAPTATION“.

CrossFit creates a physiological imperative for change by applying a stress to our bodies, these stresses can range from lifting heavy weight, sprinting, to working on balance and agility. In order to coupe with these new and continually changing stresses our bodies are required to adapt. These adaptations manifest themselves as increased strength, speed, coordination, and improved body composition. This is were CrossFit ATP’s evidence based and research backed approach to designing our workouts set us apart. Our programming follows a linear progression that allows our athletes to continually see results without plateauing.



New to CrossFit? The Fundamentals Course is how we will get you comfortable with the exercises before you enter the group workouts. Here you will.

Group WOD

The Workout Of the Day or “WOD” is where results are forged. This is where.

Open Gym

Gives our athletes the opportunity to come in and work on movements and skills of their choice under the supervision of our coaches.

Personal Coaching

We offer individual coaching focusing on specific CrossFit skills, nutrition, and lifestyle habits for those that.


What They Say

“CrossFit ATP has been a game changer for me. Coach Wade is awesome. I have not met a coach more knowledgeable. He's passionate about working with his members to obtain their goals. You can be super fit or barely able to get off the couch - this coach will take great care in helping you reach your goals. The atmosphere is fun and encouraging.

Give it a try and you'll find a great community of friends!”


Let's just say giving up isn't an option! Coach Wade will not ask you to do anything you can't achieve, but he expects you to challenge yourself. I enjoy my crosfit buddies they're extremely supportive too!


“I'm a long-time CrossFit adherent. I can't be happier with the facility, location, and especially the owner/trainer, Wade.  He is extremely knowledgeable and focused on helping his members improve - right out of the gate, he has already helped me improve several movements that I had thought I knew (and now they feel so much more fluid and intuitive).  If you live or work near ATP, you owe it to yourself to come in and give this place a try. The rates are competitive, the facility is fantastic, and the atmosphere is very welcoming to novices and experts alike. Bravo to Wade for opening ATP!”


“CrossFit ATP is a fantastic environment!  Coach Wade is very attentive and knowledgeable and will help you meet your goals whether you're a complete newbie or a seasoned veteran.”


“I have been a member at many gyms, but I have never experienced the type of coaching or inclusivity that coach wade offers at CrossFit ATP. It's incredible to see so many people and the different fitness levels able to challenge themselves in these well thought out and excellently coached classes!”


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