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Our Story

At CrossFit ATP we deliver real fitness for real people. Simply put we don’t just ask you to use whatever fitness you already have, we actively work with you to elevate your fitness and take you to new levels of athleticism no matter what level you are starting from. We are a coaching facility that specializes in General Physical Preparedness. Our mission is to make life easier, whether that is running down the street, lifting a sofa, playing with your kids, dashing up some stairs, no matter the physical activity in your life we are going to make you better at it. We use the same tools used by professional, Olympic and college athletes use and make those training principles accessible and functional for people who live in the real world. 

We pride ourselves at being sustainable fitness. What we do builds your body up, not break the body down. In our minds sustainable fitness also means being fun fitness, who looks forward to something that’s not fun? Not Us! Sign up for a free trial workout and join in on our fun fitness journey and come experience our passion, our community, our gym. 

Don’t worry, CrossFit is for YOU. We have taught people how to jump rope and we have taught people to handstand walk up stairs. The majority of people in our gym started CrossFit at our gym. No experience needed, no baseline fitness required, come as you are, we are here for you.